François Pesant is a Canadian photographer and director of photography who lives in Mexico City and Montreal.


After graduating in Sociology, he chose to explore the world he lives in through images. He worked in India for a year and a half, he covered the aftermaths of the civil war in Sri Lanka and the earthquake in Haiti, among many other projects.


His personal work, inspired by contemporary social issues, examines the dominant power structures by evidencing their consequences. He has published two books and directed two short films, one of which won best short documentary film at the festival Regard. His latest project Tierra Conmovida was selected at the Bienal de Fotografía of Mexico and exhibited at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City.


He loves to take his real-world visual experience to the projects he works on, in order to bring the visions of the directors and/or clients to life.

François Pesant



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Films & TV Series

As Director of Photography



  • Gods of Mexico, directed by Helmut Dosantos – Fulgura Frango (post-production)

  • La Mitad de Tu Vida, directed by Eduardo Terán (post-production)

  • Fiebre, directed by Alejandro Gerber Bicecci – Gargamel Estudio

  • El Secreto del Doctor Grinberg, directed by Ida Cuellar - Polar Star Films (post-production)


  • Historias y Relatos, directed by Mario Sandoval – Comon Pipol for TV Azteca (TV Episodes)



As Director and DP


  • An Enemy Within, (short) – Canada Art Council

Official Selection DocsMX


  • Jack, Vietnam Veteran, (short)

Best short documentary, Festival Regard

As Second Unit DP


  • Estanislao, directed by Alejandro Guzmán, cinematography by Alfredo Altamirano - Animal Tropical (post-production)

As Camera operator



  • Yankee, directed by Carlos Carrera and Max Zunino, cinematography by Martín Boege and Dariela Ludlow – Argos Productions/Netflix



  • Esto no es Berlin, directed by Hari Sama, cinematography by Alfredo Altamirano - Catatonia Cine

(Sundance film festival - Tribeca film festival)



Music Videos

  • Pagan Woman, Dead Lizards. Directed by Ida Cuellar

  • Black Hole, Midnight Folks. Directed by Lucía Toledo

  • Red Horizon, Ghölem. Directed by Claudio Zilleruelo


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Selected Exhibitions



  • Tierra Conmovida, Bienal de Fotografía, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico


  • Río, Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico

  • An Enemy Within, Patricia Conde Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico


  • Lecciones del 68. ¿Por qué no se olvida el 2 de octubre?, Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City, Mexico

  • An Enemy Within, Moscow International Foto Awards, Rooftop Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Montréal – Points de vue, McCord Museum, Montreal, Canada

  • An Enemy Within, Moscow International Foto Awards, FotoLoft Gallery, Moscow, Russia

  • Group Exhibition, Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, USA


  • Picture Change, Toronto

  • Sandy: Devastation, Document, Drive, Museum of the City of New York, USA

  • An Enemy Within, Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan, France


  • Home, Umbrella Arts Gallery, New York, USA

  • Recycling Delhi, La Tohu, Montreal, Canada

  • Rouge au carré, Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, Canada


  • Recycling Delhi, Museum La Pulperie, Chicoutimi, Canada

  • Climate Refugees, Maison de la Culture Marie Uguay, Montreal, Canada


  • Humankind, Powerhouse Arena, New York, USA

  • Haïti à vif, Museum Juste pour Rire, Montreal, Canada

  • Climate Refugees, La Tohu, Montreal, Canada

  • Recycling Delhi, Visa pour l’Image, Perpignan, France





  • Selected for the Bienal de Fotografía of Mexico


  • Grant of the Canada Art Council


  • Moscow International Foto Awards – Editorial Photo Essay

  • National Press Photographer Association’s (NPPA) Best of Photojournalism


  • Selected at Visa pour l’Image

  • Anthropographia Award

  • Lucy Foundation’s International Photography Awards

  • Black & White Spider Awards

  • Canadian Magazine Awards – Honorable Mention

  • Grant of the Quebec Arts and Letters Council


  • International Photography Awards – 2 Honorable Mentions


  • Grand Prix Lux 2011

  • Prix Lux – Reportage / News

  • Canadian Magazine Award – Honorable Mention

  • Antoine-Desilets Award


  • Selected at Visa pour l’Image

  • Selected for the international exhibition Humankind in New York

  • Prix Lux – Reportage / Humanitarian cause

  • Antoine-Desilets Award – Photoreportage

  • Antoine-Desilets Award – Multimedia

  • Grands prix du journalisme indépendant – Press Photography

  • Grant of the Quebec Arts and Letters Council


  • Prix Lux – Reportage / News

  • Prix Lux – Reportage / Humanitarian cause

  • Grands prix du journalisme indépendant – Press Photography

  • Grands prix du journalisme indépendant – Written piece



Selected Publications


  • New York Times

  • M – Le Magazine du Monde

  • Le Monde

  • Courrier International

  • VSD

  • Paris Match

  • Bloomberg Businessweek

  • DAYS Japan

  • Newsweek Japan

  • Marie Claire

  • Journal du dimanche

  • Domingo

  • The Walrus

  • L’actualité

  • Châtelaine

  • La Presse

  • Le Devoir

  • Grafika






- Enemigo Dentro. Ediciones Urano, Mexico


- L’ennemi intérieur / An Enemy Within. Les Belles Lettres, France


- Picture Change. PhotoSensitive (collective), Canada

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